GRP Flat Roofs

Our approved GRP North East roofing contractors are experts in the field of fibreglass roofing systems. At Emperor Roofing, we will strive to take on all projects – no matter big or small – and ensure your home is fully-protected and visually appealing with our GRP flat roofs.

Flat roofs have enjoyed huge popularity over the past 10 years or so. The old sayings and stereotypes of flat roofs are long gone, with development and technology piled into the market over the years. The installation requirements have improved, and a GRP flat roof can boast a very long lifespan, with very little maintenance to boot.

Our North East flat roofing specialists have installed GRP fibreglass roofing up and down the width of Tyne & Wear, including Gateshead, Newcastle, Washington, Blaydon, Chester-le-Street, Sunderland, Durham and Middlesbrough. No one does it better than our team of roofers, offering brand-new installation of GRP flat roofs or even roof repairs. We strive to use the best possible materials, so you can be sure your home has proper protection in all weathers. If anything should ever happen, we even provide a 20 year guarantee for your flat roof installation.

What are GRP Flat Roofs?

Why Choose Our GRP Flat Roofs?

There are a huge number of reasons to opt for a GRP Flat Roof – they are long-lasting, easy to maintain and cost-effective. Most importantly, they afford your home with protection from any weather conditions.

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GRP refers to ‘glass reinforced plastic’, and is one of the most popular choices of flat roof for our customers in the North East. The GRP systems are made from an extremely strong and durable composite material, which is easy to handle, light and flexible. The fibreglass roofing systems can be applied to a number of roofs, such as garages, extensions, replace existing roofs, or even double up as long-lasting walkways on balconies and terraces. The form of flat roofing has undergone a range of developments over the years, and now boasts a longer lifespan (50 years plus) and less maintenance. In fact, GRP fibreglass roofing is virtually maintenance free.

Do I Need a GRP Flat Roof?

  • Water is leaking through the roof
  • You can hear dripping sounds
  • Visible signs of damage and tears
  • Puddles form on the roof
  • Existing roof does not provide adequate protection

Where Can I have a GRP Roof?

  • Garages
  • Extensions
  • Replace existing roof
  • Above bay windows
  • Extremely durable walkway for balconies and terraces

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Advantages of our North East GRP Roof Systems

With so many happy customers all over the North East, we’ve got proven results in GRP roof installations. There are untold benefits to the roofing, along with high-quality materials. As one of our specialities, we recommend this for people struggling with the maintenance of their current roof, as it’s hassle-free. Our team will share tips on what to look out for, as well as answer any questions you may have regarding the installation.

Speaking of installation, GRP flat roofs are relatively quick and easy to construct. As the material is lightweight, yet strong, it can be moulded to any shape. The flexibility of the material allows our team to place the roof on the likes of garages, extensions, new properties and above bay windows. It will meet the needs of any large-scale property, or smaller home, and outlasts many other forms of traditional roofing. In fact, GRP systems can enjoy an expectancy of 50 years or more.

You can also expect protection in all-weather conditions and is water resistant – you shouldn’t experience any leaks or puddles on the top of the roof.

  • Virtually no maintenance
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Moulds to any shape
  • Strong, composite material
  • Light and flexible
  • Water resistant

Our North East flat roofing specialities will ensure top-notch service from start to finish, with all initial quotes completely free. You can get in touch with our contractors by submitting your details in the contact form. Why go anywhere else when we provide a dedicated team of flat roofing specialists in GRP systems?

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