Felt Flat Roofs

At Emperor Roofing, we pride ourselves on our roofing options. One of our specialities is flat roofing, particularly felt flat roofs. Our dedicated team of North East roofing contractors understand everything there is to know about felt roofs, one of the most popular methods for protecting your property.

Traditionally, felt flat roofs were installed using a pour and roll method, but this has been adapted and developed over the years – leading to the torch on felt roof. It’s a skilled art installing a new roof, and you need an experienced team with results and happy customers behind them. You can have the utmost confidence with our flat roofing specialists, with completed projects spanning Tyne & Wear: Gateshead, Newcastle, Washington, Chester-le-Street, Blaydon, Sunderland, Durham and Middlesbrough.

While we offer new roof services, we can also take a look at your existing roof. If you require any roofing repairs, we’ll take a survey and keep you in the loop with everything we believe can be done to improve the security and look of your property.

Why Choose Our North East Felt Flat Roofs?

There are a huge number of reasons to opt for a flat roof – they are long-lasting, easy to maintain and cost-effective. Most importantly, they afford your home with protection from any weather conditions.

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What are Felt Flat Roofs?

Felt flat roofs are one of the more traditional forms of roofing and have been used for domestic and commercial properties for years. They have a great reputation for the sustainability, and technological advancements have only improved that. The pour and roll method is traditional, but we are specialists in the torch on felt roof. Torch-on membranes have been developed for high-performance, and the process involves heating a layer of bitumen that has been applied to the felt with a torch. By melting the bitumen, it can bond with the layers of felt – forming a felt flat roof.

You Need Felt Flat Roofs if:

  • Water is leaking through roof
  • Your existing roof is damaged
  • Noticed cracks, blisters and holes
  • Not weather resistant
  • Improve visual appeal

Installations for Felt Flat Roofs can Include:

  • Garages
  • Extensions
  • Roof replacement
  • All flat coverings

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Why Choose Our North East Felt Flat Roofs?

The primary benefit to flat roofs, in particular, felt flat roofs is that they last. They are one of the longest term options for ensuring the protection of your property. Torch on felt roofs are built for hardwearing performance, requiring very little maintenance. The strong material is water resistant and allows for easy drainage, with very few instances of scuffs and tears. We even provide all of our felt flat roofs with a 10 year guarantee, should you need assistance from our flat roofing contractors.

Felt flat roofs are renowned for their very low costs. While, traditionally, they may have had a poor reputation, more and more people within the North East are turning to them for the price. The type of flat roof also suits most roof sizes, which enables our North East roofing contractors to complete the job efficiently and to your requirements.


  • Very little maintenance
  • Water resistant
  • Suits most roof sizes
  • Dedicated team of experts
  • Long-lasting and durable

When it comes to flat roofing contractors, our team are the best of the bunch. We adhere to all Health and Safety rules and use modern technology to ensure the security of your property. There’s no need to suffer from poor roofing anymore, especially with our no obligation and free quotes service.

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