Chimney Stacks & Leadwork

Our North East roofing contractors are specialists in chimney stacks and leadwork. We not only have teams able to construct chimneys but also offer chimney stack repair to your property. Likewise, our team take care of lead roofs and lead repair.

Our North East Chimney Repair Services Include:

Complete chimney stack repair
Construction of a new chimney
Chimney removal
Step flashings
Cover flashings
Chimney aprons
Chimney stack repointing
Cement work
Strengthen structure


Why Choose Our North East Chimney Stack Repair Services?

When requiring chimney stack repair – such as repointing and flashings – there are many health and safety hoops to jump through, which is why you need a team of experts. Our North East roofing contractors have the training, knowledge and proven results to ensure your job is completed to the highest standard. We will even provide a free initial quote and survey before we undertake any work.

Chimney stacks don’t often require much maintenance. However, over time, they may degrade and, typically, most properties need chimney stack repointing and flashing.


Has Your Chimney Been Damaged?

  • Does your chimney leak during rainfall?
  • Has your chimney been damaged by other weather?
  • Is your chimney beginning to lean?
  • Can you feel a draft from your chimney stack?

Why Choose Our North East Leadwork Services?

Lead is a widely used material. The construction applications with lead roofs are endless, providing your home with protection in all weathers, while improving the impression and appeal of your home. Lead roofs are a go-to for many properties and new constructions, due to its extremely durable nature and ability to shrink and expand with the temperature.

Our North East roofing contractors understand the importance of leadwork, and carry out full lead repair for your home. Our team will undertake remedial work for commercial and domestic properties that need lead repair or replacement with damaged and badly-fit lead. Our happy customers range from all over Tyne & Wear, including Gateshead, Newcastle, Washington, Blaydon, Chester-le-Street, Sunderland, Durham and Middlesbrough. We know that leadwork is just as important to the integrity of your home as the actual roof itself. Often stains or damage in your property can be traced to poor leadwork, which is where we come in.


Our North East Lead Specialists Include:

  • Lead valleys
  • Lead soakers
  • Lead bay tops
  • Lead gullys
  • Step Flashing
  • Cover flashing
  • Lead aprons
  • Complete lead repair

Lead Repair is Required for:

  • Roof leaks during rainfall
  • Noticing damage inside your property
  • Your roof isn’t in the best shape
  • Guttering and joints are not covered
  • Not weather resistant

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Our team are capable of complete refurbishment or any chimney stack repair and lead repair you require. We will aim to get back to you as soon as possible, with an initial free quote and expert advice on maintaining the structure of your roof. Our North East roofing contractors work seasonally and will respond to any urgent callouts.

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