How much does it cost to install a roof?

Unfortunately, there is no one answer for a new roof cost estimate. It’s extremely difficult to pin down the average price you can expect to pay for roof repair or the installation of a new roof. After all, not all roofs are the same and there are many external factors that can increase, or decrease, the new roof cost estimate. In fact, a new roof can cost anywhere between £2,000 to £40,000, so it’s important to be clear and concise with your needs when looking for a roofing quote.

It’s also important that you use reputable local roofers, such as our North East roofers (we don’t mean to brag). The usual lifetime of a high-quality roof is around 20 years. However, regardless of the experienced roofers, brilliant roofing materials and maintenance, there are certain things that are out of control and can damage your roof. For instance, our North East roofing contractors have seen, first-hand, the damage weather and surrounding trees can have on your home.

If you do ever spot any signs of roof damage, you must rectify immediately. Our North East roofers can undertake emergency callouts – particularly in winter. If you ignore and hope the issue will go away, your new roof cost estimate will get significantly higher. Other factors that can also increase the roof repair cost UK include:

Roof cost

“There are many factors that can influence the cost of a new roof, such as size, location, materials and labour required.”


The most influential factor in the cost of a new roof is the size. Larger roofs do require more roofing materials and scaffolding, therefore you’ll notice your roofing estimate increase. Likewise, the labour costs will also go up as more workers are needed for a larger roof. It’s important to take the size into account, but good roofers will survey your property before providing a price. Our North East roofers will survey your property before pricing your new roof cost estimate, but there are external factors that could affect the quote.

Design of your roof

Roof repair cost UK is also dependent on the design and complexity of your roof. The more complicated the roofing design and the more materials, the higher your roof tile replacement cost and installation will be. The design features that can factor in the roof replacement cost include the likes of roof lights, fixtures, dormers, valleys and hips.

It’s also important to consider your roofline when looking for a new roof. For instance, timber rooflines can degrade over time and even rot due to adverse weather. If you are replacing your roof, it is worthwhile to factor the costs of a PVC roofline into the installation. Doing so can substantially save costs over the long-term, offering a longer lifespan. You can read more information on updating your fascia and soffits boards here.


The location of your roof is another factor that can enhance the new roof cost estimate. Our North East roofing contractors will, of course, advise on the quote and share information on what is likely to increase the price. However, the location and proximity of other houses to your roof will be considered. Similarly, frequent exposure to adverse weather will also affect the roof lifespan, meaning more durable and, possibly, expensive roofing materials will be required.


The damage of your roof also correlates to the price of the project. For instance, a minor roof leak could, likely, be repaired. Therefore, you are paying for the repair, rather than a new roof. However, if your roof is severely degrading and is showing major signs of damage, it’s better to install a new roof and guarantee better structural integrity and protection for your home.

Roofing materials

When you are looking for roofing materials to be used for full roof repair or replacement, you must consider their longevity. For instance, some roofing materials may be cheaper, but will not give you the reliability and durability required in certain areas. You should always speak to your roofers – such as our North East roofing contractors – who can share suggestions and recommendations regarding the materials that will fit your budget and style of home.

Our North East roofers also advise that you do your research on roofing materials, suppliers and manufacturers. Check the testimonials and look at the satisfaction rates of the products, offering you a better picture as to whether they will be suitable.

Above all, our North East roofing contractors will work with you to ensure the roof provided is within your budget and to the desired date. If you would like to speak to our team, you can get in touch via the online roofing quote. Alternatively, read up on what is involved in installing a new roof.

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