Winter weather maintenance checklist

As the colder weather approaches and storms battle the North East, you’d be right to start thinking about your winter maintenance checklist. There are several things you can do around the house – all featured in our winter home maintenance tips – to ensure you, your family and house stay warm and safe throughout the cold months. Our North East roofers are sharing their winter maintenance checklist to keep your home in tip-top shape; whatever the weather throws at it.


Our North East and Newcastle roofing company also offers general building maintenance services, and we cannot stress enough the importance of checking your pointing. Building pointing, effectively, protects your home against any water damage and changes in the structure. However, over the years (and the Great British) weather, your building pointing can deteriorate and be in need of urgent maintenance.

As our North East roofers will attest; it’s crucial your home is ready for all weathers. A good guide is to measure the depth of the disintegration against the height of the mortar. If their depth matches the height, you need to repoint. Likewise, you can use your finger and if the mortar flicks off and is fragile, you need to sort it out before winter sets into the area. Leaving the building pointing repair until after the cold weather can help damp settle into the home, and any other water leaks, leaving your home (and your bank balance) extremely vulnerable.

Wasted heat

The time to be sure you are going to stay warm all winter is now, so you need to eliminate any wasted heat as part of your winter maintenance checklist. In addition to checking your heating system, our North East roofing contractors recommend looking for any drafts, leaks and cracks that could allow heat to escape the building, costing you plenty more in heating bills. Signs of any frost around the exterior walls can also suggest that there is an issue with your home insulation, requiring urgent attention.

Inspect the roof

If there’s one thing our North East roofers know the importance of, it’s inspecting the roof before the cold settles. You should actively look to check your roof twice a year, with one prior to winter. Your roof is an integral part of your home’s integrity and protection and, as such, is one of our most important winter home maintenance tips.


There’s no denying that roofs take a beating in winter. You can inspect the roof from the ground and look to identify any ice or heavy snow pile up – particularly on flat roofs. Failure to clear this snow and ice can damage the roof structure, as well as cause leaks; our North East and Newcastle roofing company has seen many people choose to ignore the first signs of damage.

Look for any curled roof tiles or missing tiles, which could, in turn, allow water through the roof and into your home. If you do spot any of these instances, contact our North East roofers immediately. If you leave your home unprotected, it can cost you significantly more when you do come to the roof repair.

Prevent ice dams

Hand in hand with roof maintenance comes gutter maintenance – especially important during winter. This, and the former point, should be a huge priority for your winter maintenance checklist. You should check that the gutters are not clogged and remove any debris that can be seen in the gutters. Similar to your roof, you should also inspect your gutters and roofline twice a year, especially before it gets any colder in the North East.


You will also need to prevent any ice dams that could affect your home’s integrity. Ice dams occur when heat escapes out of the roof and melts the snow that has settled in your gutters. The melted snow then flows to the roof edge and refreezes, usually at the eaves. This, in turn, creates a bigger problem, as the water that settles there has nowhere to go other than through the roof, and into your home. However, you can prevent ice dams by clearing the gutters, seal areas that allow water to escape or contact our North East roofing contractors for help.

More information on checking your gutters can be found here.

Check the chimney

Moving onto our next winter home maintenance tips; always keep on top of your chimney (not literally). Over the years, and due to adverse weather, chimneys can degrade and even block. We take our chimneys for granted but it is the one part of our home that is always exposed to all weathers. Therefore, it’s important. Our North East roofers can update the flashing and leadwork on the chimney to ensure it is prepared for winter. Likewise, you can – if possible – check for any damage in the mortar or any visible wear and tear, as these could allow water to get into the home.

Prepare for snow removal and lost power

Lost power in the winter can lead to frozen pipes, so ensure that you are prepared. For those with companies or large properties, perhaps invest in a working generator for inconvenient power outages. You should also ensure that there are protocols in place for snow removal, and you have plenty of shovels should you ever need to dig yourself out (likely in the North East…).

Seal windows and doors

Another major tip from our North East roofers is to seal the windows and doors. Ensure all gaps around the windows and doors are, literally, watertight to keep snow and ice out, and heat in. This minor and relatively cost-effective tip should be on your winter maintenance checklist, saving you plenty of money in the future.

You should also ensure all garden furniture and equipment – such as your lawn mower – is all tucked away throughout winter. There are plenty more tips, but these pointers should be front and centre for your winter maintenance checklist. If you need any help with any of the issues mentioned, you can get in touch with our North East roofers via the online quote, and we will aim to respond as soon as possible.

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