Keep on top of your gutters in winter

In the colder months, it can be easy to forget about your roof and, importantly, your gutters. Out of sight out of mind when it comes to guttering services. However, if you pay your gutters very little attention when it gets damp and cold, you could be doing more harm than good.

Our North East roofers have seen it all before when it comes to clogged gutters; these gutters could end up costing you a lot more in the long-term. Not only do clogged gutters impact the structural integrity of your home, but could lead to further issues down the line which could even impact your health. As such, our North East roofers are sharing their tips on keeping your gutters in good condition during winter.

Annual cleaning

When it comes to gutters and even roof maintenance; you should book in annual surveys. Gutters have an important role in the home – drain water away from the roof and protect the property from any leaks or damage. However, in the North East, we are prone to bad weather in the colder months, so you should ensure you look into guttering services once a year. Not only will this keep them clean and free from any debris, but identify any signs of wear and tear that could prove potentially devastating if ignored.

Clean at the start of winter

You need to schedule your guttering services and cleaning as the weather starts to turn cold; mid-autumn or at the beginning of winter. According to our North East roofers, this is one of the greatest times as the crisp leaves are beginning to fall, so you can check everything with the gutters and roofs are working as they should. Similarly, if there is any gutter damage, there is time to repair or even replace before the wet weather truly sets in.

“Make sure you check your gutters at least once a year to ensure your home doesn’t suffer any leaks or damage during winter.”

Check the contents

You could, of course, clean the gutters yourself if you are prepared to do so and have researched on doing so. Check the contents before cleaning the gutter, as you may have to alter your methods. For instance, dry contents are much easier than those that are wet and have started to clog the gutter.

However, if you do notice any signs of damage or even any general wear and tear on the roof, you must alert a local roofing company. For instance, our North East roofing company offers emergency roofing services for any properties that are in desperate need of assistance.

Install a gutter guard

Surrounding trees and other debris can substantially affect the integrity of your gutters and roofs (take it from our North East roofers). If you do live in an area heavily surrounded by trees, it might be worth installing a gutter guard. A gutter guard, when secured properly in place, has a filtering effect for the roof. The guard will allow water in, but not leaves or any other debris through to the gutters and downpipes.

It’s important to note that you will still need annual guttering and roofline services to maintain the integrity of your home.

Trim down any trees

Following on from the above point, trimming any nearby trees and, effectively, ensuring they do not lean over to your home can protect your gutter and roof. When it comes to roofing maintenance, our North East roofing company recommend this tip. You will reduce the risk of branches, leaves and more falling into the gutter. Similarly, you also minimise the risk of branches falling onto the roof and damaging roofing tiles, thus allowing water into the home.

Another roofing and guttering tip is to always rake up any leaves that fall onto your property. Not only do leaves piling on the ground appear unsightly, but they can also be carried by the wind into the gutters, causing blockages. If left unattended, the damp leaves can begin to rot, which can prove fatal for all gutters.

Don’t let problems escalate

Our North East roofers suggest cleaning the gutters before the start of winter, and the period afterwards the cold season. However, if you do notice any signs of gutter or roof damage, it’s essential that you resolve it promptly. The autumn and winter conditions will only worsen any existing problems, leaving you paying a lot more when you do speak to your local roofing company.

Keep an eye on the weather

Above all things, always keep an eye on the weather – especially when you require guttering services. Heavy downpours and other adverse weather conditions will expose problems with your gutters. Potentially, pools of water can build up and, subsequently, freeze, causing the gutters to expand and retract. Furthermore, the water will loosen any gutter fixtures and will enter into the home.

You can read more about repairing your roof before winter and other roof maintenance tips.

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