Get your roof repaired before winter

There’s nothing worse than a damaged roof; our North East roofers can tell you that. A damaged roof can lead to a myriad of problems – from allowing water into the home, enhancing the risk of damp and even increasing your heating bills. Home improvements may be far from your mind as we are on the cusp of Autumn and the nights are getting darker. However, if you have already noticed the telltale signs of roof damage, we suggest roof repair before it gets cold. Otherwise, your problems will likely snowball…

Winter roof repair

Roof tiles could fall 

You might not have spotted the early signs that you require emergency roof repair, but you will come winter. If your roofing tiles have begun to curl, loosen and come particularly close to falling off – you need to get in the professionals. However, should you not spot the damage, or worse still, ignore; you could be facing much bigger problems.

Heavy snow and wind can, quite easily, dislodge loose roof tiles, putting your family, visitors and neighbours in danger. Our North East roofers offer emergency roof repair services to replace any loose, cracked or missing tiles. Even the slightest bit of damage to roof tiles can become substantially worse during winter, leaving you with more to pay.

Cold aggravates roof leaks

The signs of a roof leak are an emergency, whatever the weather. Should you spot the first signs of a roof leak in winter, our North East roofers will come out to your property as soon as possible, and fix immediately. It, most certainly, doesn’t mean emergency roof repairs stop in winter. Far from it. However, minor roof leaks can worsen during winter. Don’t wait until it gets cold if you have spotted the leak – especially if your area is expecting snowfall. Waiting could, potentially, add significantly more to your bill.

“A good quality roof will better insulate your home from cold temperatures and reduce the risk of damp.”

Increased heating bills 

Hand in hand with winter comes increased heating bills. However, if you have noticed the bill is substantially increasing, and you are not sure why, your roof could be the problem. Unfortunately, you are, likely, to only realise the problem during winter. But, when you do, you must contact local roofers as soon as possible. The escaping heat suggests problems with your thermal insulation in the roof, and it’s important to get the insulation under control before hitting winter.

Chimney damage can worsen

While winter roof repair is certainly still available with our North East roofers, cold can lead to further damage to already vulnerable chimneys. It’s essential that you don’t forget your chimney, as it is continually exposed to adverse weather and can degrade over time. If you are worried or would like to have the chimney checked, contact our North East roofers. We will survey the chimney for cracks and loose render, which can be further degraded during torrential rain and high winds. If in doubt, get it checked.

More information on our chimney services can be found here.

Clogged gutters become a problem

Clogged gutters can prove a nightmare for homeowners and contribute to further issues, resulting in winter roof repair. Leaves falling from trees could accumulate in the gutters. Similarly, heavy rainfall could lead to further clogging. This, in particular, could see the water overflow and enter the roof. Naturally, ice is also likely to occur when it gets colder, so we strongly advise you to get the gutters checked before any adverse weather.

Roof tiles take longer to seal

Our North East roofers have repaired roofs in all manner of conditions – you have to expect rain in the region… However, roof tiles do take longer to seal in the winter. Roof tiles require a specific temperature range to seal properly and ensure the roof is installed in top condition. However, the cold can take longer for the roof tiles to seal, which can add time onto the roof repair job.

Before we take on any roof repair jobs, our North East roofers will survey your property and provide you with an estimate as to how long the project will, likely, take. Our North East roofers will also share advice on roof maintenance and how to keep your roof in quality condition.

Ultimately, winter roof repair is likely to take longer than in the summer. Similarly, adverse weather can prove more dangerous and labour intensive for roofers. However, if you do require emergency winter roof repair – our North East roofers have the skills, experience and happy customers to boot. You can get in touch with our team via the online quote, or read more on our roofing services here.

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