Choosing the Right Driveway

Your driveway is, essentially, the front door to your property. It’s the first thing you’ll see as you drive up to your home, and it’s got to look good. Poor driveway installation can significantly reduce the visual appeal of your home, and even lead to further issues – such as puddles forming due to inadequate drainage. As North East roofing contractors but also paving and landscaping specialists, we understand the importance of driveways and how many options are out there today. We’re sharing our tips to the best types of driveway paving for your home.

Resin driveway surface

Resin driveway surfaces are fast gaining popularity in the UK market, and are a slightly more expensive option due to the procedure and materials. However, they benefit from little maintenance and visual appeal. There are two types of resin driveway surfaces: resin bonded and resin bound. The bonded driveway surface option involves scattering gravel and other quantities onto a resin layer before it sets. The resin bound solution consists of mixing the gravel and other materials before applying to the driveway. A resin driveway surface also reduces the risk of the gravel moving and creating large holes.

Block paved driveways

Our North East driveway contractors have installed plenty of block paved driveways – one of our most popular driveway surface options. Block paving is clean, easy, smart and professional. Not to mention, you can choose your pattern. As part of our driveway installation, we’ll provide advice on the best fit for your property. This type of driveway paving is well-renowned for its durability and lack of maintenance.


Gravel driveways are among the cheapest driveway surface options. When correctly installed by driveway contractors, they look fantastic. Gravel is diverse when it comes to shapes and colours, and the prices range on the size of the job. However, be aware that gravel has a habit of moving and creating large holes, so will require regular maintenance to flatten.


Similar to gravel, asphalt is a brilliant choice for those on a budget. Asphalt is relatively inexpensive for driveway installation and is hardwearing. However, unlike the other types of driveway options, you are restricted to colour and size. Asphalt may also need regular treating – especially after extreme hot temperatures.

Cobbled driveways

If you live in a rustic-inspired property, cobbled driveways are excellent. Our North East driveway contractors have installed cobbled driveways in Sunderland, Newcastle, Durham, Gateshead and more. They are hugely popular for durability, with cleaning only required once or twice a year.

Other exterior house design ideas

A house with real kerb appeal can truly lift your spirits, while updating home exterior. There are plenty of other exterior house redesign ideas you can do yourself, without getting in the experts (but you can always call us).

Paint the front door

It may sound simple, but your front door is, often, the first place people are going to look at. Your front door provides you with the opportunity to go wild with colour – choose bright, sunny colours to reflect the brick and exterior style of your home. But, if you’d prefer to stay neutral – flat, dark plum colours look great throughout the year.


Quality door furniture

Speaking of improving your front door, investing in quality door furniture is a sure-fire way to enhance kerb appeal. It’s worth remembering that cheap, generally, looks cheap. Therefore, try and choose furniture in keeping with the exterior of your property. Heavy Victorian door knockers will seem at odds unless your home is styled from that period.



There’s nothing worse than rotten timber window frames, and we’ve come across a fair few in our time. What we suggest doing is updating to uPVC windows, which require little maintenance and do not suffer during rain. There won’t be any water getting into those. Similarly, don’t feel you have to sick with standard white colours, as windows look great in a range of different colours. For instance, you could match them to your uPVC roofline, available in black, mahogany and more.


Spruce up ugly brickwork

Repointing, repainting and, essentially, ensuring the maintenance of your brickwork can improve any tired facade. Repointing will make sure your house is protected during rainfall – particularly handy if you live in the North East like us… Similarly, painting the exterior allows you to inject personality into your home’s exterior. However, we do recommend you tone down the colours for the exterior a lot more than you would for your front door, and keep it within the style of the property.


Exterior lighting

Lighting can play a pivotal role in transforming your home exterior. Don’t be afraid to go big with lighting surrounding your new driveway, or even your very own ‘lamps’. Likewise, lights placed either side of the door can add symmetry and immediately uplift your home, making it more appealing and welcoming. You’ll be the envy of all neighbours on the street…



You don’t need a huge tree and bushes surrounding the drive to go green. You can achieve a lush, greeny look with the aid of hanging baskets and planters on either side of the door. You can also make window boxes yourself relatively easily, and with little additional cost. Landscaped garden beds can also set the tone for your home.

Choosing the right driveway involves various factors. We can help you along the way, and you can get in touch with our team today. Alternatively, you can look through our various other landscaping services.

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